File a New York Not for Profit Corporation…


…with corporate kit
Includes State Fees.
Plus Sales Tax & Shipping.
This is the best option for a business just starting out. Gain all the benefits of incorporating a Not For Profit with this all-inclusive package. Searching for name availability,  expedited filing of your certificate of incorporation, a complete not for profit corporate kit with custom corporate seal and membership certificates. Much more cost effective than purchasing filing services and corporate kit separately.


…filing & corporate seal
Includes State Fees.
Plus Sales Tax & Shipping.
Lightweight and handy, this seal is produces clean, sharp impressions. Ruggedly constructed of heavy gauge steel for long wear. Seal comes apart to fit into a handy vinyl case for easy carry/storage.


…filing only
Includes State Fees.
No Sales Tax or Shipping.
Choose this option if you only require the filing of your Not For Profit Corporation. The most economical choice if you do not have the need for a corporate kit or seal. Those products can be purchase at a later date but will cost more as individual items.